"Rest" - imonials
  Gannon - 7 months ​​

 "I met with Dr. Seeley for a one-hour consultation when my baby was only 11 weeks old. I wanted to ensure that I was helping him to establish healthy sleep habits from an early age and also wanted learn more in general about the sleep habits of babies. Dr. Seeley was immensely helpful with her information and advice. She eased my anxieties and helped me to understand my baby better so that we could work toward getting him to sleep through the night! A few months later I touched base with her again for another one-hour consultation (this time over the phone) to help with early wake ups. In just one hour,  Dr. Seeley was able to provide me with a wealth of information and advice that I was able to use to stretch my son’s sleep. I highly recommend her services to any parent who is struggling with their baby’s sleep, or who is seeking a deeper understanding of baby sleep patterns in general. We have seen such positive changes in my son’s overall temperament which we credit solely to his ability to now sleep through the night and nap during the day. Dr. Seeley has been a wonderful teacher and guide to us, and we are incredibly grateful.”        

  Joseph - 10 months ​​

  "I just wanted to send a note of heartfelt thanks for everything you did for our family! You have changed our lives. Joseph was not a good sleeper at all. He would only nap on us, in crib for maybe 20 mins and it was a constant fight for him to go down - we said he had fear of missing out! He didn’t even sleep through the night at 10 months old. Now, with your help, expertise and guidance, Joseph is an amazing sleeper. Naps are easy during the day and nighttime routine is a breeze with him sleeping 11-12 hours straight and getting him to self soothe himself to sleep! He is such a happy baby and you have just made everything so easy for us! We can’t put into words what you’ve done for our family and we will forever be grateful to you. From the time we talked to you the first time, you made us feel so comfortable and felt we could approach you at anytime. You are amazing!!! Always there, always so encouraging, always just so amazing in every way! We would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat - best money ever spent!!! So, thank you, thank you SO much for everything you have done! Really hope our paths will cross one day again as you were just such a pleasure always!!     

Logan - 5 months ​​

 "I wish I had contacted Dr. Seeley sooner. Logan is 5 months old and has been a great night sleeper since 8 weeks old, but struggled with naps. He had almost never napped in his crib and would only nap on me or on the go, which was a big challenge. The result was that by bedtime he was usually really cranky. Within 2 days of working with Dr. Seeley, Logan was having 2-3 solid naps in his crib with zero fuss. I can't recommend her enough! I hope we don't have to contact her again in the future, but I know that if we do, she'll be able to help us in no time. Thanks again!"    

  Blake - 6 months ​
"Before we met Dr. Seeley our 6 month old was waking every 2-3 hours at night and having every nap in her car seat! After day 2 of the plan baby girl was sleeping in her crib for all of her naps and only waking twice per night, by week 2 she was sleeping 12 hours a night with only 1 feed!! Dr. Seeley’s approach was gentle and flexible! She was the best money we ever spent! Our family was very skeptical of hiring a sleep consultant but once they saw the results they were in awe! We highly recommend Dr. Seeley to all of our friends with babies!”  

  Cody - 4.5 months 
"I first reached out to Corrine because our son was making loud grunting and straining noises during most of the night.  He, apparently, was sleeping but my husband and I were not.  Our son was sleeping in our room in a bassinet and we knew we needed to change something.  I was hesitant that someone would be able to help us get our son into his crib sleeping through the night and during naps, but Corrine did it in about a week!  She helped us achieve goals I hadn't even thought of and amazingly got the grunting to stop.  I couldn't have anticipated all the help and support that Corrine offered through the whole process.  She is patient, kind, and extremely supportive and figured out a plan that matched our family.  She recognizes that every child is different and worked to help us adapt a plan that matched our son's needs, changing the plan daily if needed.  My husband and I are extremely grateful and would recommend her to anyone."  

  Olivia - 6 months 
"Before we started working with you we had developed some unhealthy and unsustainable sleep habits.  Olivia would only nap in our arms, many naps were short or unpredictable, she would wake 5-8 times every night and her longest period of nighttime sleep was only 3 hours (at best).  We were feeling overwhelmed by all of the information and advice that we found on the internet, in books and though friends.  We were left feeling uncertain of how to move forward with improving Olivia’s sleep.  After our initial consultation we felt such a huge sense of relief that we finally had a plan and someone to guide us along the way.  Fast-forward a few weeks – life is completely different!  Olivia is taking all three naps in her crib (2-3 hours of daytime sleep), she is able to fall asleep independently, she only wakes twice in the night to nurse (we were so happy that you respected our choice to continue to breastfeed at night), and she is getting 12 hours of nighttime.  The sleep training also helped us establish a better nursing routine during the day which was an unexpected bonus.  All three of us are feeling so much more rested and relaxed.  We will definitely be working with you when we have our next baby."

 JR - 2 years old 
"We decided to reach out to Corrine as our 27 month old son was still waking a few times in the night, cosleeping part of the night, and only going back to sleep if he was able to nurse.  While co-sleeping and nursing on demand had worked well for us for some time, we felt it was now having an advserse impact on our son's sleep, as well as our own.  After reviewing many sites from sleep consultants we felt Corrine had the expertise and approach that might fit well with our son and our style of parenting.  Within 2 weeks of working with her we reached our sleep goals, way more quickly and with more ease than anticipated!  Corrine was able to provide helpful tips and recommendation, set small manageable goals, sequence the steps we needed to take, and provided an incredible amount of support each step of the way!  I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking to improve their child’s sleep in a way that feels tailored the unique characterisitcs of their child and family!  Thank you again Corrine!"

 Gwen - 11 months old 
When Gwen was 11 months old, I reached out to Dr. Seeley. After months and months of poor sleep that was getting worse instead of better, I just couldn’t take it any more! I had tried sleep training on my own and found that it worked only for a short time, so for me it was the step-by-step guidance and reassurance that Dr. Seeley provided that was most valuable. When I started, Gwen was sleeping in my room, napping poorly and erratically, and waking every 2-3 hours at night (and needing to be nursed back to sleep at least half of those times); now, she is happily bunked up in her own room, has two appropriate-length naps at predictable times during the day, and sleeps through the night! And, as happy as I am to be finally getting some sleep, I’m even happier for my babe, because she just seems so much happier now. Honestly, my only regret is not doing this sooner!"

Lennix - 6 months 
"I highly recommend anyone who is having trouble getting their little one to sleep to contact Dr Seeley. At 6 months old my son had yet to sleep through the night and was waking 3-4 times a night. I thought we had a pretty good day schedule going and he was eating solids so I could not figure out why he wouldn't sleep. After speaking to Dr Seeley she had suggested a few changes in our daily schedule/routine which honestly I didn't think would make such a big difference. After sticking it out for 2-3 weeks it started to work and he was waking once or twice a night and now since we changed his schedule we have had him sleep through the night the past two nights ... I feel like a completely new woman ! I am so thankful for all of her help and advice and that I did not have to try the crying it out method which I really did not want to do. Thanks so much ... signed a thankfully not so sleepy mom." 

Greta - 18 months 
"Prior to contacting Baby Sleep SoLutions by Dr. Seeley, my dependent child had less than ideal sleep habits. We had no sleep schedule, she wasn't napping regularly and waking hourly throughout the night to breast feed and cosleep.  We were both hesitant to contact a sleep coach as we thought the "cry it out" method would be the only option. However, after nearly two years of sleepless nights and feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, we decided it was time to take action. Reaching out to Dr. Seeley turned out to be the best decision we could have made!  She listened to our beliefs and ideas, considered our opinions, and worked with us to make a plan for our lifestyle. We agreed to a graduated approach to change, taking small steps to minimize the shock effect on our little one. She offered encouragement and ideas, keeping us motivated and assured of goals. We can finally say that Greta now sleeps throughout the night in her own room and without being breastfed to sleep. We cannot thank Dr. Seeley enough for her expertise, guidance, encouragement and for helping us believe that our goals were possible."

Aubrey - 6 months 
"Dr. Seeley has not saved my husband and I once, not twice, but three times! First with my son and then with my daughter on two different occasions.  I cannot rave enough about the support that Dr. Seeley provides regarding infant and toddler sleep. My daughter was sleeping well at night but was not napping which made for a cranky baby and very frustrated Mom. After working with Dr. Seeley through contact via email and phone conversations my daughter is now able to put herself to sleep throughout the day and is a much happier and well rested baby. Dr. Seeley takes great care and time to make sure her clients are comfortable and confident moving forward with their child’s sleep. I cannot thank her enough and encourage others to reach out if they are having similar issues." 

Myles - 12 months 
"If you are struggling with your child's sleep I highly encourage you to contact Dr. Seeley. She worked with my husband and I to navigate our 16 month old sons sleep challenges. Previous to meeting with Dr. Seeley our son was waking most nights every hour. Within one week of working with Dr. Seeley our son was sleeping much better and was even putting himself to sleep without our assistance! Dr. Seeley was available via email and text and worked very hard to make sure our needs were met. I cannot thank her enough and encourage those who are struggling to contact Dr. Seeley, you won't be disappointed."

Alexis - 10 months 
  "I reached out to Dr. Seeley because my 10 month old daughter was about to start daycare and she refused to nap alone since the day I brought her home. Once in a while I would try to get her to nap alone, but it was such a struggle. This resulted in an over tired baby leaving me not knowing which direction to take. When I looked up sleep and babies I came across Dr. Seeley and read reviews with similar situations and their positive outcomes, so I thought I should give it a try. I wanted to get to the source of my babies sleeping problems and I don’t regret the decision one bit. Dr. Seeley was not only gradual with her steps but also explained why change is needed. Needless to say I have not had to lay with my baby in 3 weeks, she can fall asleep on her own now, where before she relied on nursing to fall asleep waking up multiple times a night. I’d like to add in she successfully had a nap with very little crying on her first day at daycare! All my stresses are gone knowing my little girl can sleep stress free and on her own. This is a picture of Alexis taking 1.5 hours yesterday!"

Melissa - 3 years  
"We had a phone consultation for our three year old who kept waking at night. We implemented the things Corrine recommended to us right away and it worked...the first night! It has been working ever since, even with the craziness of Christmas. I highly recommend her!"

Essam - 12 months  
"As healthcare professionals my husband and I would never have thought sleep could be such a difficult aspect of having a baby.  However, our little guy did not like to sleep. We would do anything to get him to sleep, which turned into holding him for all naps and over night.

We began our research early and decided to work with a professional who had formal and real life expertise in sleep. We read through countless sleep consultants websites, blogs, and facebook pages. We found Dr. Seeley and knew before even talking to her she would be the perfect match for our family! 

On our first meeting with Dr. Seeley she outlined that with dedication, persistence and a specific plan that she would develop we could have a well rested little boy! Dr. Seeley was very patient, understanding and kind and reassured us that we would work through this, she gave us hope through the entire process. Dr. Seeley worked with us through our sons sleep challenges always in a positive and optimistic way. Our son is now sleeping through the night and having regular naps all independently! We could not have done it with out Dr. Seeley. During the process there were times where he had small regressions but Dr. Seeley was always there for us to bring us back on track.  Dr Seeley is a kind, genuine, thoughtful professional whom I will recommend to my patients and friends, we can't thank her enough "
Archer - 6 months  
"I would recommend Dr. Seeley to help with any family having difficulty with their child’s sleep. We started with Dr. Seeley when our son Archer was 6 months old. We were at the point where I was up every 2 hours at night with Archer nursing him to sleep as he could not fall asleep on his own. Naps were also difficult, as he would not sleep longer than 45 minutes at a time. My husband and I had tried some sleep training on our own, but we were unsuccessful.
 Dr. Seeley helped us develop a plan and set achievable goals to help our son sleep better. She worked with us to teach Archer to self-soothe and fall asleep on his own. We worked through our sleep goals slowly and gently, however Archer is very stubborn and it took him awhile to learn how to do this. We had some difficult days and nights, but he did get there! Dr. Seeley was readily available to help me throughout each step. Archer now takes longer naps, and he sleeps 11-12 hours at night (waking only once a night to feed). We have seen much progress with Archer’s sleep and we could not have done it without Dr. Seeley’s help!"

Mila - 9.5 months  

 "We reached out to Dr. Seeley as a last hope with our at the time 9 month old daughter. She did not go to sleep on her own, had to be rocked, and trying to keep her down once she was asleep as a task. And she was waking anywhere from 2-5 times a night, with me having to go in her room every time she woke up. There was no consistency or schedule as much as we tried.

 When we started working together, I didn’t think it would work just because we had tried so many things prior to working with Dr. Seeley. Anything we tried would work for a day or two and then right back to square one. Now she has 2 naps a day and sleeps for about 12 hrs every night! 

Dr. Seeley has a very gentle approach, and is there to support you through every new step. We are all getting the sleep that we all need now and we have a much happier baby now as well. This was one of the best decisions that we could have made when it came to the well being of everyone in the household."

Andi - 2 months  

 "Before I met Dr. Seeley, I didn’t know much about infant sleep - only that my daughter didn’t seem to be having much of it! Her days and nights were completely flipped, and she was irritable, fussy, and impossible to lay down at night until. Not only did Dr. Seeley provide me with much-needed education around infant sleep, she helped me implement effective strategies, and provided valued tips for future success. Since, my two-month old has made incredible progress! Her nights and days are sorted out, and she’s sleeping better than ever. Thanks Dr. Seeley!!"
Jack - 5 months  

"My 5 month old wasn't napping, and was overtired and cranky all the time. After talking with Dr. Seeley, she suggested some changes and set us up with an age-appropriate sleep schedule. After only a day or 2, my son started napping 3 times per day, and is a much happier baby as a result! I'm so happy I didn't have to resort to "cry it out". You're a miracle worker, Dr. Seeley!
Annie - 5 months  

"When I contacted Corrine my daughter was 5 months old and had starte to wake every 40 minutes during sleep and took hours to get down in the evenings only to have multiple wakings overnight. I was feeding her to sleep only to have her wake when I placed her in the crib. We spent more time trying to get to sleep than actually sleeping. I had been considering sleep training however had honestly been dreading the thought of it.  That all changed after my first phone call with Corrine. She was so knowledgable and supportive that I finally felt the confidence I needed to make the change. It was the best decision I have ever made as a parent. Corrine doesn't just print you out a two week plan and send you on your way. She works on your goals, and supports you daily the the process. I cannot say enough about how much my life has changed since I worked with Corrine. My daughter is a great sleeper, who has a routine that makes our days predictable yet flexible. She puts herself to sleep without any struggle, travels well and I don't worry about leaving her in the evenings anymore. It gave me a new independence that I was greatly missing and has given my daughter quality sleep that has made her an even happier baby.  Thank you so much for the life changing help!  

This is a picture of Annie sleeping I took with the flash because that is how confident I am in her sleep! 
Olivia - 5 months  
I contacted Dr. Seeley because my daughter would wake up many times in the middle of the night and would only sleep in my arms for a majority of the night .... to say that she helped us is such an understatement, she saved us! Within only a few days she was sleeping in her crib all night and only waking 2 times.... now 3 weeks later, she puts herself to sleep not only at night but for naps too! And she only wakes once during the night to eat...I went from being exhausted and unhappy to now finally enjoying motherhood:) I can never thank her enough for what she did. Highly recommended for anyone who desperately needs sleep!
Louis - 10 months  

"I had no idea how sleep deprived we were until our son began sleeping through the night, on night 3!  Sleep training was a hard choice for my husband and I but we were at ease with our support. I couldn't recommend her enough! 

Lydia - 6 months  
 I would recommend Dr Seeley to anyone struggling to get their little one to sleep. our second born was really struggling with sleep- both naps and night time sleep were a disaster. I was having a hard time keeping her schedule on track, while still honouring the commitments we had for our toddler. Corrine was amazing at helping to get a very manageable schedule worked out. I greatly appreciated the gentle steps she showed us to help improve sleep- no crying it out necessary! She was flexible, approachable and genuinely cared about the outcome. Every night might not be prefect, but now I have the tools I need to get our sleep back on track. No negatives to report. Worth the money! 

Benjamin - 5 months 
I was very hesitant and skeptical to hire a sleep consultant. However, after nearly 6 months of battling with a baby who fought naps, it really saved my sanity. We went from 4-6 cat naps (20-30 mins), to 2-3 naps ranging anywhere from 45 minutes-2 hours! I have zero regrets except that I wish I had done it sooner! Thank you so much! 

Anonymous - 4 months   
 " Our daughter's sleep habits have improved tremendously thanks to the plan we put in place created by Dr. Seeley. Her constant support and expertise were critical to our success and we are so grateful."

Anonymous - 2 months   
 "Dr. Seeley helped bring our house back from insanity! She gave us an assortment of tools to help our little one (and us) rest well and we will be forever grateful!"

Landon - 15 months 
"After 3 months of sleepless nights our 15 month old FINALLY slept through the night thanks to the great advice and support from Corrine! After many failed attempts due to conflicting ideas between my husband and I, Corrine came up with a plan that worked for all of us. We are only night 2 but with her support our son is now sleeping 11 hours a night and my husband and I finally have our nights/bed back! She was so supportive and helped me stay consistent when I was ready to give in!​​

Anonymous - 3 years  
"After a short consult with Dr Corrine Seeley regarding my 3 year old son and his terrible bedtime sleeping habits, we saw a big change within the following 4 days. She knew the right things to implement into bedtime routine and also the right things to remove. We are very thankful for her great advice and happy to have our sanity and evenings back! Thanks again Corrine!"
Addison - 17 months   
At 17 months old Addison had started some bad sleeping habits mostly due to my husband and I being over tired and not sure how to fix them. We would feed her to sleep, lay her down and sneak out of her room and cross our fingers that she didn't wake up, which she usually did and then ended up in our bed. One visit with Corrine and she had a plan tailored for us, she said we would see an improvement after just 3 nights, my husband was very reluctant to believe her. But after just ONE night of Corrine's plan we saw the light at the end of our sleepless nights! Corrine was very supportive checking in on our progress and giving us a very detailed plan of action. Addison now has story time before bed and then walks over to her crib and wants in! It's amazing! My husband and I say almost every night how going to see Corrine was the best decision and our lives are so much better for it. Thank you Corrine!!!     

Anonymous - 3 years   
"Dr. Seeley helped us so much to get our son back into his own bed. For a few years he was constantly waking up and crawling in with us in the middle of the night. After a few discussions with Dr. Seeley with some strategies to work on, he was back sleeping by himself within a couple of weeks. Now we get a good night's sleep as well. Thank you so much for the help!"

Anonymous - 5 months  
"Before we started working with Corrine we were having major problems with both day and night sleep for our 5 month old daughter. As second time parents we had been through sleep training before but not with issues this severe. We were spending often 40 minutes putting her down for naps that would often only last 20 minutes! My husband said he felt like all his time with her was spent trying to get her to sleep... and she was certainly not sleeping enough. Now after a short routine she goes to sleep easily on her own and is taking at least one great nap every day. Her day sleep has been completely transformed and it has done wonderful things for her disposition and for us as parents!"

Emma - 3 months  
"I would highly recommend Dr. Seeley for moms who are looking for some support and guidance with their babies sleep needs. Dr. Seeley helped my family develop a plan that fit with our individual lifestyle and that met the sleep needs for everyone in the family. She offers non judgemental support and works with you and your choices to find a plan that works for everyone. It helped to take a lot of stress and guesswork out of my babies sleep needs"    

Anonymous - 1.5 years   
 "I had messaged Dr. Seeley about my little one's struggle with naps during the day and she was very quick to respond to me, and was extremely helpful. She phoned me and within 15 minutes we had a plan to help my babe sleep better. Worked like a charm and now I have an amazing little sleeper"  

Nova - 4 months 
When I messaged Dr. Seeley a few weeks ago, we had hit a low point. My son is only 4 months but we were getting up 10-13 times a night (about every 45 minutes) and I couldn't take it anymore. Since he was born we had unknowingly created sleep associations and he always had to be rocked/bounced/patted/nursed to sleep. On top of that he liked sleeping on our chests more than anything and would wake up immediately when put in the crib. It worked for the first part of his life but it was time to make a change and I just felt overwhelmed with how to do that on my own. Dr. Seeley took the time to learn about our unique situation and what we were comfortable with in terms of sleep training. With that information she developed a plan for us to transition our son into his crib and to, one by one, decrease the sleep associations that were causing him to wake so often in the night. She was always available for support as we implemented the plan and checked in often. As my son is still young we will continue to guide him towards self-soothing but I am so glad to say he now goes into his crib awake and falls asleep on his own for naps and at bedtime. We are also getting up significantly less times than what we were doing. I highly recommend seeking Dr. Seeley's support whatever the age of your little one or the sleep issues you are having - it will change your life! Thank you!

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