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"I believe that parents have a responsibility to help guide their child toward great sleep, and with the right support every child can  get the sleep they need"    
-  Dr. Corrine Seeley

" As medical professionals we read through countless sleep consultants websites, blogs, and facebook pages. We found Dr. Seeley and knew before even talking to her she would be the perfect match for our family! Dr. Seeley has formal education in sleep (specializing in sleep) and a wealth of real world experience. Most importantly she does not adhere to just one method but uses various methods that are tailored to your specific child and parenting style"

-the Mohammad Family 

The Baby Bundle (0-6 months )   $105

   Getting sleep support early can make a world of difference in your first year. Not only is sleep loss the number one predictor of developing post-partum depression in new moms.  Studies show that helping parents navigate newborn sleep can help reverse symptoms of PPD and help infants sleep better by 6 months! With The Baby Bundle package parents will receive help for their little ones sleep and also be provided all the resources, information and education to help move them forward through the many  sleep changes in the first year through access to my Online Infant Sleep Workshop ($59 value.) 

What does it include?  With this package parents will  receive a 48 hour sleep log review, comprehensive sleep/history assessment, 60 minute phone consultation, and full access to my online Infant Sleep Workshop

**this consult does not have to be redeemd at once, parents can complete the online workshop at any point during pregnancy or 0-6 month age and use the one hour consultation whenever they like! (there no expiration)

Start your little one off on the right foot and book in today! Feel F

Infant Support  (4-24  months)   $349

   The infant full support package includes a detailed sleep history assessment, 1-1.5 hour one-on-one consultation  (telephone/Skype), a customizable sleep solution plan tailored to your little one, and two weeks of unlimited email/telephone support as you implement the plan! 

All of my support packages are aimed to be gradual, and make small manageable changes across two weeks. Most parents see results within the first week - and definetly by the end of the two weeks! 


 The first night of any change is always the hardest - and I can be right there to support and encourage you!
  For local Calgary residents I offer a 'first night' add-on where I will come to your home and be there to support you through the change.  Cost:  $180 / 3 hours

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*For more information about my philosophy and services don't hesitate to book a free 15 minute phone-chat!

Toddler/Child Support  (2-5  years)   $250

When it comes to toddler sleep they are their own unique world compared to infants with their unique solutions!  The toddler support package includes a detailed sleep history assessment, 1-1.5 hour one-on-one consultation (telephone/Skype), a customized sleep solution plan and 4 phone calls across two-weeks as you implement the plan.
(daily support can be added for an additional $15/day, however it has never been necessary). 

​*For more information about my philosophy and services don't hesitate to book a free 15 minute phone-chat!

90 minute telephone support (all ages)   $79

Let's face it, sleep advice from blogs, books, and even from medical professionals can be overwhelming!  Dr Seeley offers a space for parents to chat, ask questions, and get specialized advice that will fit their little one!  This package is ideal for parents who are feeling overwhelmed on the topic of sleep and are looking for a space to ask questions and received educated and specialized advice, but not necessarily a custom sleep plan or support. This package can be used for any age including newborn, infant, toddler and older children and comes with a sleep history/sleep log assessment (30 minutes) and 60 minute phone consultation. 

For many families 90 minutes is all they need and can make a world of difference!

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