Sleep Support Packages
Customized One-on-One Support Plans are designed to be gentle, realistic and educated.  All support packages are carried out over a two week period and involve gentle, gradual steps to achieving great sleep for your little one (and you!) 
The Infant Sleep Support Package ($325) is aimed for infants ages 4 months -  3 years.  This package includes a detailed sleep history
   assessment, 90-minute one-on-one consultation (in person or via skype/telephone) and a fully customizable sleep solution tailored to yourparenting philosophy, and the age/temperment of your child.  All solution packages include two weeks of unlimited support (via email, text and phone call) as you implement the plan (although many see results within just a few nights!). s

The Start Early Newborn Package ($125) is aimed for newborns ages 0-3 months.  The package includes a detailed sleep and health history assessment, 60-minute consultation and education session,  customized sleep solution plan and 2 follow-up emails

Topics covered in the Start Early Package often include managing breastfeeding and good sleep (yes it's possible!), avoiding day/night confusion, tips for settling a fussy baby, how to establish schedules and routines (and when it is realistic to expect them!), understanding sleepy cues, knowing your childs sleep needs, as well as many tips for managing sleep in the first year and setting them up for success    
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