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Melissa's mom - 3 years 
We had a phone consultation for our three year old who kept waking at night. We implemented the things Corrine recommended to us right away and it worked...the first night! It has been working ever since, even with the craziness of Christmas. I highly recommend her!

Lydias mom - 6 months
I would recommend Dr Seeley to anyone struggling to get their little one to sleep. our second born was really struggling with sleep- both naps and night time sleep were a disaster. I was having a hard time keeping her schedule on track, while still honouring the commitments we had for our toddler. Corrine was amazing at helping to get a very manageable schedule worked out. I greatly appreciated the gentle steps she showed us to help improve sleep- no crying it out necessary! She was flexible, approachable and genuinely cared about the outcome. Every night might not be prefect, but now I have the tools I need to get our sleep back on track. No negatives to report. Worth the money!

Landon's mom - 15 months

After 3 months of sleepless nights our 15 month old FINALLY slept through the night thanks to the great advice and support from Corrine! After many failed attempts due to conflicting ideas between my husband and I, Corrine came up with a plan that worked for all of us. We are only night 2 but with her support our son is now sleeping 11 hours a night and my husband and I finally have our nights/bed back! She was so supportive and helped me stay consistent when I was ready to give in!

Addison's Mom - 17 months
At 17 months old Addison had started some bad sleeping habits mostly due to my husband and I being over tired and not sure how to fix them. We would feed her to sleep, lay her down and sneak out of her room and cross our fingers that she didn't wake up, which she usually did and then ended up in our bed. One visit with Corrine and she had a plan tailored for us, she said we would see an improvement after just 3 nights, my husband was very reluctant to believe her. But after just ONE night of Corrine's plan we saw the light at the end of our sleepless nights! Corrine was very supportive checking in on our progress and giving us a very detailed plan of action. Addison now has story time before bed and then walks over to her crib and wants in! It's amazing! My husband and I say almost every night how going to see Corrine was the best decision and our lives are so much better for it. Thank you Corrine!!! 

Greta's mom - 18 months
Prior to contacting Baby Sleep SoLutions by Dr. Seeley, my dependent child had less than ideal sleep habits. Greta, who will be turning two in September, did not have a sleep schedule, she wasn't napping regularly, she was waking hourly throughout the night to breast feed and sleeping in the family bed. My husband and I are expecting baby #2 due in October, so we had limited time to make changes to Greta's sleep habits. We were both hesitant to contact a sleep coach as we thought the "cry it out" method would be the only option. Which was an option neither of us wanted to entertain. However, after nearly two years of sleepless nights and feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, we decided it was time to take action. Reaching out to Dr. Seeley turned out to be the best decision we could have made. We were able to speak with her over the phone, through text msgs, email and social networking. She listened to our beliefs and ideas, considered our opinions, and worked with us to make a plan for our lifestyle. She was available 24/7 offering encouragement and ideas, keeping us motivated and assured of goals. We agreed to a graduated approach to change, taking small steps to minimize the shock effect on our little one. Dr. Seeley helped me feel accountable to someone, which motivated me to be consistent each night and steadfast in my efforts. It has taken us almost 2 years, but we can finally say that Greta now sleeps throughout the night, in her own bed, in her own room, and without being breastfed to sleep. We cannot thank Dr. Seeley enough for her expertise, guidance, encouragement and for helping us believe that our goals were possible.

Nova's Mom - 4 months
When I messaged Dr. Seeley a few weeks ago, we had hit a low point. My son is only 4 months but we were getting up 10-13 times a night (about every 45 minutes) and I couldn't take it anymore. Since he was born we had unknowingly created sleep associations and he always had to be rocked/bounced/patted/nursed to sleep. On top of that he liked sleeping on our chests more than anything and would wake up immediately when put in the crib. It worked for the first part of his life but it was time to make a change and I just felt overwhelmed with how to do that on my own. Dr. Seeley took the time to learn about our unique situation and what we were comfortable with in terms of sleep training. With that information she developed a plan for us to transition our son into his crib and to, one by one, decrease the sleep associations that were causing him to wake so often in the night. She was always available for support as we implemented the plan and checked in often. As my son is still young we will continue to guide him towards self-soothing but I am so glad to say he now goes into his crib awake and falls asleep on his own for naps and at bedtime. We are also getting up significantly less times than what we were doing. I highly recommend seeking Dr. Seeley's support whatever the age of your little one or the sleep issues you are having - it will change your life! Thank you!

Olivia's Mom - 5 months
I contacted Dr. Seeley because my daughter would wake up many times in the middle of the night and would only sleep in my arms for a majority of the night .... to say that she helped us is such an understatement, she saved us! Within only a few days she was sleeping in her crib all night and only waking 2 times.... now 3 weeks later, she puts herself to sleep not only at night but for naps too! And she only wakes once during the night to eat...I went from being exhausted and unhappy to now finally enjoying motherhood:) I can never thank her enough for what she did. Highly recommended for anyone who desperately needs sleep!

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