Dr. Corrine Seeley
​Ph.D. M.Sc. B.A.
  Sleep Neuroscience

  1. Managing Director
 ​​​​​​​Prior to 2015, I was an active and happy member of Ontario's sleep research community, researching sleep neuroscience (Ph.D. Sleep & Brain Development) at Queen's University and working as the undergraduate course instructor for the 'Sleep' course.  Never in a million years would I have guessed that this focus would change to open my own infant sleep consulting business. When I had my son Kirk, my life changed!   As a new mom I attended many mom & baby play groups and during this time I quickly realized how little sleep education there is for parents with little ones, and how many questions and misguided information was existing in our society, even amongst medical professionals.  This realization sparked a passion in me to use my background to help educate and support families with their little ones sleep.  

My sleep philosophy focuses on providing parents with sleep education, tools and knowledge to help guide their child toward getting the sleep they need to grow, develop and be healthy, happy children.  I firmly believe that parents have a responsibility to educate themselves about sleep and to take an active approach in creating a healthy sleep lifestyle for their children. Just like anything else, children do not always know when they are tired, or how to sleep, and I believe it is our responsibility as parents to help guide them in the right direction, using gentle and realistic techniques.  In my practice there is no one-size-fits all approach, and just as each family is unique, so is the support they recieve. My practice provides gentle, realistic and achievable goals for parents which support their parenting style as well as the individual needs of the child.  I'm very passionate about starting early and have kick started an 'early start initiative' which offers sleep education to expecting and new parents.

​       "Research shows that educating expecting parents about infant sleep can lead to better sleeping infants and toddlers,
So why aren't we doing this? "  

I believe parents have a responsibility to help guide their child toward great sleep. With patience and the right guidance every child is capable of getting the sleep they need

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